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Three more dolls, another box.

My father and stepmother shipped me an early Christmas box.

You have to understand that boxes from them are an assortment of thrift-store finds: jewelry (for my costume making) books, random things my father think will make me laugh (Jell-o girl gives a party cookbook/Popeye Sweater Pattern book/Informative magnets telling you what you can and can”t eat with braces) and now dolls and doll clothing. They started this doll clothing sewing with The Thimble People last year. They didn’t mean to but that’s how it happened.

The box arrived after I’d taught three Saturday dance lessons and before I was due to a gig.


One of the books was Ozma of Oz. I dance under the name Ozma. I tend to specify “Ozma of Japan”


That’s restaurant gig face right there.

And the three dolls…


Thrift store DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman Intergalactic Gala Doll. She’s lost her chest crest and her belt but that’s ok.

I got this last night and she now looks like…


She’ll be getting a new face when her boil curl has totally set. She’ll still be Wonder Woman.

Although, with the amount of Wonder Women already in my apartment PLUS the groovy vintage doll clothing I have…they’re a very good chance she’s going to become a teen version of The New Wonder Woman. The 1968 GROOOOOOVEY chick version of WW who forgoes her superpowers to stay with mankind and becomes a kung-fu master.

Like, fuck that but she had great lewks.


The other two dolls:


On the left is Ever After High™ Raven Queen™ Doll. Copy for this doll tells of the “hexquisite” details in her costume, describes “sipping hocus lattes” and promises that girls will have a “spelltacular journey!” with these dolls.

“Hexcellent for play, spellbinding to display!”

I don’t know what I’ll do with her. I did wash her hair already. It was…tacky to the touch. Maybe if normal-sized Starfire needs a Raven friend to hang out with I’ll color her more gray-ish/pink and repaint her.


And that leaves us with Bratzillaz Magic Night Out Yasmina Clairvoya Doll


The interesting thing about this shortlived line of Bratz is that they have glass eyes. It’s apparently pretty easy to swap other 12 mm glass eyes in…but I don’t need to start having more eyeballs around the house.
The Yellow eyes. I’ve decided that she’ll become The Mimosa Fairy, who I drew for a friend a while back.
This would mean a reroot but I noted I have a black wig that was too large for Little Pullip and way too small for any of my other dolls that fits her.
I’ve chopped off all her hair and removed her makeup (and her witch tattoo)
I inserted washi tape to protect her eyes and have started priming her.
Because this is a normal Sunday night thing to do….if you want to get dolls ready to LEAVE YOUR HOUSE SOMEDAY.

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