Who is the gaijin in your neighborhood?

Hi, Neighbors! Don't mind us! We're just TEATHERED* to the balcony here and slathered in acne cream. *we get earthquakes. I figured it's best to tie them for their protection. I  dressed them because I rationalized that seeing naked dolls would be more upsetting for my neighborhood. These girls need sunlight to clean their face-stains. … Continue reading Who is the gaijin in your neighborhood?

Three more dolls, another box.

My father and stepmother shipped me an early Christmas box. You have to understand that boxes from them are an assortment of thrift-store finds: jewelry (for my costume making) books, random things my father think will make me laugh (Jell-o girl gives a party cookbook/Popeye Sweater Pattern book/Informative magnets telling you what you can and … Continue reading Three more dolls, another box.