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Mr A.Chbr: Now with parents and pastry?

Good morning.He’s still at it.
Did he send the original dancer a half-assed apology on January 10? It turns out yes but it’s only now being read (after digging through blocked mail) because she DID block him on January 9th when all this started.
Clarification, she blocked him when all this mess entered our line of sight. Because, as I’ve shown before, this is at least his third month of harassing multiple women across multiple social platforms.

He did reluctantly apologize.
And then he restarted the messages to her this Monday…which continued to go unnoticed because he was still blocked….until he messaged other dancers.
I suspect that on Sunday something happened and that impacted him beyond inbox messages from vexing women angry about this. I’ll hazard a guess that a family  member confronted him.

(whistle: because maybe it was possible to cross check the likes on the few photos he had public…find family and send them links…I couldn’t have been alone in this)
Or maybe he just needs the rush of conflict and attention.
He’s contacted multiple dancers in the last 48 hours to argue about all this again. He’s framing it all in regards to how this is hurting him…and when dancers explain politely (which they don’t need to do, he doesn’t deserve their time) and he doesn’t get what he wants he returns to insulting the first dancer, and them, and all women.
He’s using a second account on FB with no picture. He did the same thing last November/December to harass another woman who posted his screenshots (that’s all in my first post about him, with screenshots).
He’s finding comments/reviews the first dancer has left for local businesses (LAST YEAR) and is following her comments with his own angry, pleading, abusive comments.
Imaging you’re a small local pastry shop and suddenly a man is on your FB page calling one of your other customers a fucking bitch.
We’re saving screenshots as usual.
He’s also returned to making comments about happy we’d be if he committed suicide.
We wouldn’t. We also find the leveraging of suicide threats to be deliberately manipulative, one more part of his “I’m the one hurt here” narrative. It’s also nothing new. You’ll see his first casual mention of suicide in the exchange with the second dancer (A-for-Awesome) in my first post about him.
He needs to leave everyone involved with this alone. If he refrains from contacting and harassing these women, this will go away with time.
If he continues to harass women they will continue to post on multiple platforms and visit here and send the Daily Dish links around…which will keep all of this high in google searches. If he stops, that will stop.
That’s not a threat. None of us are telling each other to react these ways. It’s a normal reaction that will go away with time and good behavior because that’s how life works.
If his family is upset then he needs to prove to them he can do better. That also takes time and doesn’t involve any of us.

Mr.Chbr, stop. Go away. Stop.


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