The vexing continued adventures of A.Chbr.

I'd been planning to write about Leah McSweeny and her behavior towards Michael Che and how it is some heady White Feminism...but then Mr. Whiney Dickshot Mc-doesn't-learn-a-lesson (Mr.Chbr) updates were  on my FB feed and in my inbox. It's now on hold. Here's our introduction to Mr.Chbr: Update: Yesterday morning, Dancer A-for-Awesome contacted me to … Continue reading The vexing continued adventures of A.Chbr.


Alexandre Chbeir, is a man some dancers have gotten to know because he harassed A well know dancer, we'll call her Rey (because we like Starwars)  via FB messenger. In fact he uses multiple social media sites to harass women. Multitasker! Here's the original exchange with REY that brought it to OUR attention. It's been … Continue reading Chebeir