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Gratitude and pictures.

I’ve been thinking this but not typing it…for fear of jinxing it…it’s nice to be writing.

I used to blog daily…yes…Live Journal. I’m older than you may think.

A lot of things squelshed it. Depression hitting new lows after 3/11 the Tohoku quake and everything at Fukushima. The great NEED to write for emotional reasons or stresses often followed by an energy crash once whatever it was was finally dealt with. Face Book. My personal schedule. The ups and down of transitioning to professional help for my anxiety and depression. Life.

It’s been lovely to start to write something that, ultimatly, doesn’t need to be writen. My mind will not be a mess if I don’t work through this. My world doesn’t need this. No one is going to have emotionally deep breakthroughs or feel less alone without these words…and yet writing this brings me, and hopefully others, small but real joy.

That’s all.

But, because I live in Japan…here’s some fan service. The dance top I finished:

The silver bra and belt were also made by me. In fact the bra, half finished, and some sewing supplies traveled with me in my backpack to Tokyo-Nagoya-Taiwan in the worst weeks after 3/11. Here’s the album of that project.


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