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Paint organizing.

If I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.

I’ve got object permanence. I’m a big girl. But when it comes to stored items my working memory is faulty.

If I haven’t drilled the idea that this object always goes there (an opaque location I can’t see it into) for a good duration of time then placing any objects out of clear sight is an effective way for me to lose them.

Yesterday evening tackled some of my doll craft space to solve the problem of my acrylic paints.

You might be thinking, that’s fine. And it is. I’m never going to put everything in a specific order. I’m just gonna look and grab.

These makeup holders are the perfect dimensions for this volume of paint…but over time I’ve amassed some artists gauche and let’s look how those fit.

Oh, they fit fine but there is no information on the top-most part to indicate what color the paint is. If I fill this rack like that I’m doomed to constantly emptying and looking for colors…as I have been doing for half a year.

My solution was to cut a long strip of paper and paint a sample color from each tube onto it. After the samples dried I cut them and used scotch tape to attach each one to its tube.

I labeled the caps of identical containers of paint thinners and glosses. This is also how my spice drawer works. Identical containers, each labeled, I can visually scan from above.

That’s my tiny fix for today. My space is in progress.

Then I worked on a top secret project. Shhhhh.

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Orderly Craft

I have one full day left of Craftsmas before it’s time to go back to work. I also have a head/chest cold of yesterday…PINK-EYE…which is disgusting. I’ve now got prescription drops and know where my nearest eye doctor is.

One thing I’m trying to tackle at the end of craftmas is the storage issues of my doll crafting. Last year at this time I had a single Disney Animators doll that I was making dresses for with the help of the Thimble People book. I’d also started on performing my first two face-ups: Archie and Rook.

I hadn’t even bought my first damaged Pullip/Dal.

Now I’m faced with the realization that I haven’t dedicated an organized space for my doll-making equiptment. Everything is here and there and quickly takes over the apartment.

First, what to do with the BoxDoll squad.

I made two extra (removable) shelves in my craft room! This was during a cleaning spree.





I also took the time to organize all the doll clothing I now have. I have a source who gives me a crazy amount of used doll clothing. This isn’t all items I’d made or from dolls I bought


I scored simple organizer things from the 100¥ shop and now the clothing lives in one area, not three.

While getting shoes organized I had a doll in progress that I removed a boot from. Her ankle snapped. Because the doll is almost a gray-pale I knew I couldn’t get a good replacement so I used Tamiya Epoxy Putty to fix the joint as best I could.


And I bought a second Ikea RASKOG. The Ikea near me now offers online purchase and delivery…which is a game changer. The delivery cost me about the same amount the train would cost going to and from the store.



I’ve yet to move everything to this cart but…pink eye and head cold means that I’ll probably be to bed early tonight and will try and tackle it later.

If you know any good blogs or videos for organizing craft rooms, let me know. I’m always into organization videos. ALWAYS.