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Alexandre Chbeir, is a man some dancers have gotten to know because he harassed A well know dancer, we’ll call her Rey (because we like Starwars)  via FB messenger. In fact he uses multiple social media sites to harass women. Multitasker!

Here’s the original exchange with REY that brought it to OUR attention. It’s been posted and shared multiple times on FB . It was then removed by FB. FB removed a subsequent post shared by a second dancer (let’s call her A for awesome) saying it “violated FB standards.” That post was SHARED 300+ times before being removed…so it resonated with people.

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All In one place:

The following exchange  went on between him and A after she’d shared Rey’s screenshots. Please note that he frames this all around how it affects him: how he’s the wronged party and women involved are being bitches, Blah Blah Blah. Needless to say, these were posted and deleted by FB as well.

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You might feel sorry for him…I almost did. Then I followed a hunch and did more searches on him. SURPRISE! He does this on twitter and instagram as well! Sometimes he gets his penis involved. His actions HAVE been screenshot and shared before and he ALWAYS acts the same way: begging that things be taken down, saying he’s afraid, and then getting angry if they aren’t.

Then I thought of how many more women must be out there. Women who didn’t take screen shots, who blocked without calling him out on his behavior because they just wanted him to go away. I got angry and started keeping notes.

Here is a harrasment call-out from the last three months. It was public a few hours ago but I guess he got active again and got another site to protect his harassing. Google Cache is my friend. By Alexandre’s thinking, Google Cache is probably a sadistic feminist.


Here’s another woman, @evebatelle being harassed on instagram by him.

Here’s a woman, @mandapandaitis on twitter clapping back about unsolicited dick-pics of him.

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Another instagram user @heartbweeps  Am I even supposed to feel surprised? Here’s a taste


He does like to call women vexing.

Harassing and sending a dick pic to another instagramer @mkkunk!


He then went on to bother @mkkunk’s sister to ask her to make her take it down…with the usual “I’m scared and embarrassed” line but both were “Um…NOPE.”

And I’m sure there are people reading this who thinks this is petty and nothing. It’s not huge but it’s one of those small, VEXING, things women have to deal with. Harassment, escalation of harassment (in this case calls & dick pictures) and then being the recipients of anger. Add to that the fact that this behavior gets a pass on social media and it’s the people being harassed who are silenced when they speak up…EVEN when that speaking up is simply posting the word-for-word photo exchange of what they’ve had to put up with.

No. No more.

“Your Daily Dish” picked up the story on January 13th, 2017. Neither Rey nor A submitted it (nor did I). When your poor behavior gets shared 300+ times because it resonates with people who want this sort of behavior to stop…and gets removed? The internet doesn’t forget. Who knows who shared it? The Dish didn’t name names.

The Cheezeburger quickly posted the screen shots with the title “Crazy insecure dude messages girl demanding to know if he’s attracting, things spiral” and left his name intact.

I wish I could say and then he shut up…but he didn’t.