Clara Bow

In my attempt to entertain myself and others I didn’t stop with doing Theda Bara make-up. I went on to Clara Bow. Hollywood’s headstrong “It Girl” who got widely slandered in her day.


Now, the hard part about this look is…I don’t have much eyebrows but I do have SOME eyebrows where eyebrows are generally found.

I had to watch some drag queen tutorials about using gluestick to stick your eyebrows to your skin and then conceal them. I didn’t have any super fresh glue sticks and couldn’t justify GLUE STICK FOR MY FACE as a reason to go out to a shop.

Like many adventures in eyebrows, one eyebrow was victorious and the other pretended to be a good sport about the whole ordeal.



People have told me the cupid lip really works for me. My secret? I barely have lips to start with so I’m not actually making them much smaller, I’m just creating the idea that they have a shape.



And lastly there’s this shot…which encourages me to try a face I know I will fall short of…IMG_2874

Lousie Brooks. She’s a total babe….with an overdrawn top lip.

c. 1925: Louise Brooks

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Theda Bara

I could tell you how I’m doing, how Japan is doing, but who is really in that mood?

So, lets get some visuals going.

I started really learning how to put on makeup at age 28 for my first dance performances. There was a learning curve.

My skin is clear so I’d never done much except a dramatic lip here, some mascara and eye shadow there, and called it a day.

I now have a solid stash of make-up, brushes, and skills when it comes to making a performance face.

And now I have time.

Towards the start of Coronavirus I was listening to a lot of  the “You Must Remember This” about Hollywood in it’s first century. Enter Theda Bara.


No…That’s Marilyn Monroe AS Theda…


THAT’S Theda. Our first screen vamp and perhaps the first actor to really play with the media about how the studio’s script about who she was wasn’t really who she was…or was it?


I was struck with the fact that while Theda’s jawline isn’t exactly like mine, her eyes and nose weren’t that different. And, she’s got the make-up of many an Edward Gorey illustration, and I am more than a little influenced by that man.


So day one of start inspiration brings you… me inspired by Theda!1c5f631e-d7af-4b2e-a55a-eb76451aade9


And….me overly dramatic as Theda


So, as we’re all feeling a bit…


I’m here, playing with the things I can control. I study, work out and am prepping dance lessons for on-line, make things and play with brushes.