Dolly * Dolly Vol.4 Ryo Hada doll trunk.

Back in America print and magazines are languishing but in Japan there’s a magazine for everything. There is even a four-times a year Bellydance Japan magazine... and I contributed heavily to their MOOK about how to create bellydance costumes. So, it was a dangerous discovery when I realized I could buy used copies of old … Continue reading Dolly * Dolly Vol.4 Ryo Hada doll trunk.

For Rookling: The Secret Project.

Let’s meet the girl behind the project I’ve been keeping secret. She’s my favorite corvid-human hybrid, Rookling. Her project happened simultaneously alongside Archie. Rookling, her polychrome hair mushrooming around her face, thick lashes and extra lashes on top of that, the eyes of Liza Minnelli, and such aptitude, y’all...such aptitudes...such a mind for images and … Continue reading For Rookling: The Secret Project.