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Monster High Gore-geous Ghoul Beast Freaky Friend: Sally

I thought the 17″ (38cm) Frightfully Tall Ghoul line of Monster High dolls were the tallest Monster High dolls. I was wrong.

I am new to dolls and much of what I know comes from getting a doll that’s been through some rough time and then Googling to figure out WTF I have.

I know that the Monster High Voltageous dolls are 28″ (71cm) because I have one now. It came in THE BOX OF DOLLS.

Meet my new Gore-geous Ghoul Beast Freaky Friend (Green).


She originally came with attachable wings, extra webbed hands, shoe covers, multiple glasses and headbands, a dress, and…AN EXTRA FLESH FACE SHE CAN WEAR OVER HER ORIGINAL FACE.

It just pops right on!

Thanks to Gina, I now have:

Her. She comes with shoes that are not meant to come off, a dress, and no hands.

Her eye gimick works, you click a button on the back of her head and her eyes change to three different options. The white is “in between”

A child has also added glitter to her eyelids.

Her hair was a little sparse but I couldn’t get the scalp off and it was the right color for…SALLY

No hands was a drawback but I figured I could hunt for some or sculpt my own…because WHY NOT sculpt jointed hands.


In removing her face I came close to destroying her. I started with Acetone (which melts this sort of plastic) and then caught my error and continued with paint thinner and sand paper.

I also started experimenting with carving.


And then her eyes rolled back into her skull. A section of old plastic snapped…rollllll.

I was unable to get to her eyes. The plastic held a section of the gimick in place inside her skull.

So….with a thin hacksaw and some prying I TOOK HER SKULL OFF.


My reasoning being that:

  • I could always re-attach it.
  • I could widen her eye holes more for better Sally proportions.
  • I could add hair to the scalp before replacing it.
  • It was free.
  • Why not?


Tonight I’ll experiment with carving her body and preparing to add resin epoxy strings.

New Normal, folks



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Three more dolls, another box.

My father and stepmother shipped me an early Christmas box.

You have to understand that boxes from them are an assortment of thrift-store finds: jewelry (for my costume making) books, random things my father think will make me laugh (Jell-o girl gives a party cookbook/Popeye Sweater Pattern book/Informative magnets telling you what you can and can”t eat with braces) and now dolls and doll clothing. They started this doll clothing sewing with The Thimble People last year. They didn’t mean to but that’s how it happened.

The box arrived after I’d taught three Saturday dance lessons and before I was due to a gig.


One of the books was Ozma of Oz. I dance under the name Ozma. I tend to specify “Ozma of Japan”


That’s restaurant gig face right there.

And the three dolls…


Thrift store DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman Intergalactic Gala Doll. She’s lost her chest crest and her belt but that’s ok.

I got this last night and she now looks like…


She’ll be getting a new face when her boil curl has totally set. She’ll still be Wonder Woman.

Although, with the amount of Wonder Women already in my apartment PLUS the groovy vintage doll clothing I have…they’re a very good chance she’s going to become a teen version of The New Wonder Woman. The 1968 GROOOOOOVEY chick version of WW who forgoes her superpowers to stay with mankind and becomes a kung-fu master.

Like, fuck that but she had great lewks.


The other two dolls:


On the left is Ever After High™ Raven Queen™ Doll. Copy for this doll tells of the “hexquisite” details in her costume, describes “sipping hocus lattes” and promises that girls will have a “spelltacular journey!” with these dolls.

“Hexcellent for play, spellbinding to display!”

I don’t know what I’ll do with her. I did wash her hair already. It was…tacky to the touch. Maybe if normal-sized Starfire needs a Raven friend to hang out with I’ll color her more gray-ish/pink and repaint her.


And that leaves us with Bratzillaz Magic Night Out Yasmina Clairvoya Doll


The interesting thing about this shortlived line of Bratz is that they have glass eyes. It’s apparently pretty easy to swap other 12 mm glass eyes in…but I don’t need to start having more eyeballs around the house.
The Yellow eyes. I’ve decided that she’ll become The Mimosa Fairy, who I drew for a friend a while back.
This would mean a reroot but I noted I have a black wig that was too large for Little Pullip and way too small for any of my other dolls that fits her.
I’ve chopped off all her hair and removed her makeup (and her witch tattoo)
I inserted washi tape to protect her eyes and have started priming her.
Because this is a normal Sunday night thing to do….if you want to get dolls ready to LEAVE YOUR HOUSE SOMEDAY.
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BoxDoll: The hair.

What am I doing to relax now that the giant box of dolls has come to live with me ?

Oh, some days when I get home I’m just turning on Netflix, pinning a doll between my knees so she won’t struggle, and then dividing her hair (after hours of soaking in liquid fabric softener, combing out, rinsing, and repeating) into portions to carefully straight iron.

This is actually not the first before picture of Belle

It’s perfectly normal to have 1 or 2 dolls in your bathtub just soaking their heads in bowls.

Here’s Belle after soaking, hot rinsing, and her first comb out.

This is the kinda damage that remains. I’m guessing the hair got stretched and pulled to a point beyond what it could recover from.

And this is after it’s been in boiling water.

I set my straight iron to 110 Celsius, sectioned the hair, and began the process of straightening.

Not perfect but muuuch better.

When it’s straight you can see the uneven chunks. I’ll curl and boil perm waves back into her hair later and that’ll become imperceptible.

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Starfire: Part 4

Last we saw Starfire had her face painted, her body sanded, and her hair done.

Onward to clothing.

There’s not much to be said about the clothing itself. Its a miniskirt and a crop top that closes in the back. It’s shown here with the basting stitches still in.

The difficult part was dealing with Starfire’s armor. I tried first with slightly flexible air-dry polymer resin clay. As seen here. It didn’t quite seem right and the neck-piece fell off easily.

I found a tutorial on youtube to help me and decided to get fun foam/ EVA foam.

Here I am experimenting with fun foam. When attaching foam to foam I used my hot glue gun. I also used elastic, thread, and snaps to close armor around neck and arms.


Items unpainted.img_1205.jpg

Painting a dark undercoat before using my silver acrylic.


After silver paint and some “jewels” created with nailpolish.


At which point I came into possession of MOAR DOLLS.

As I’ve said, this is sort of a test run for doing a larger Starfire to be friends with my 17″ Raven doll.


Well, 17″ Starfire is now here. My friend Rea* brought it to me on one of her trips to Japan.

*She’s such a good friend that it was only after she received it at her home (I used US Ebay) and packed it and brought it to me that she told me she has a doll phobia and occasionally has to mute me on FB and elsewhere when I’m posting too many doll progress shots.




AND….I bought a future Beast Boy on Mercari for cheap.


They don’t make super tall Monster High boys, that I know of, so Beastie is gonna be small…and eventually green.

And, from the same Mercari dealer I purchased some boots for Starfire.

I primed them with a dark base coat and painted them.


But….that’s not all. Inspired by the fact I have a LOT of left over air-dry polymer resin clay I got to work making Starfire a pet AND a stand.

Coming soon.


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When your legs have hair ridges: Starfire part 3

Because the base doll I’m using, Clawdeen from Monster High, is a werewolf character she has fur accents above her wrists and ankles.img_0638.jpg

I told myself that Starfire shoots fire so I’d just try and make those ridges look like fire.

Nope. I started but it didn’t look right.

I then used a new x-acto blade to slice off the ridges, tried a few dremel bits to smooth down the surface (if anyone has a recommendation on what sort of bits to use, I’d looooove advice) and then started to sand down the surface with 600/800/1000/4000 and 6000 grit paper.

The legs got the same treatment:

I sent a LINE message to a friend about the repetitive sanding being somewhat medatative. This is how I learned my friend has a sandpaper phobia…and that such a thing exists. Sandpaper, chalk, nailfiles.I’m not going to understand that phobia (that’s the irrational nature of phobias)  but I assume those textures and the dryness probably bother a LOT of folks.


I’ll be working with the legs for a while more. Plenty of little divots and cuts I’ll need to avoid making in the future.

I’m happy that Starfire wears boots.


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When your hair is fluffy and your face undone: Starfire part 3

Last we saw Clawdeen ->Starfire her hair was overly fluffy. Each bundle of strands sticking straight out of her hair plugs.


So, it was time for a boil perm. Of course, before a boil perm make SURE all the craft glue you’ve squirted into her neck-hole to the inside of her skull (to secure the hairloops) has completely dried…or you’ll be making a mess with your hot boiling water.

For more precise boil perms, like ones where I want to make curls, I’d pour the slightly cooled boiled water into a bowl and dip the hair in. Here, I just wanted the hair to relax onto the head so I poured the water OVER the head (propped on a knitting needle) over my sink.

After I did this the first time I noticed some spots that could use more hair, because Starfire has a different part that Clawdeew and needed bangs…so I repeated the reroot, glue, dry, and boil process again.

Sure, some hair came out in brushing after these steps, but not an amount that mattered. I also took the time to trim the length slightly.

I tied the hair back, protected it with a single, orphaned, sock, and primed the face with Mr. Super Clear and started to work.

I’m still not sure about when to use Acrylic paints as an eye-ball base and when to build up watercolor pencils instead. I used acrylic here. You’ll note that Starfire’s eyeballs are a light green, not white.

I continued working on the face.



And then the EYE BROW STRUGGLE began. The above Starfire is saucy AF and a little severe. But is she capturing the playful silly alien vibe of Starfire in Teen Titans Go?

I didn’t think so.

I removed her eyebrows and gave her higher, softer, pinker eyebrows.


And, because I share process photos online…I got feedback.
Some people familiar with the character thought the new eyebrows worked for the character but I also got feedback from a Black women who rightly read the doll as black…she said “ Imo, it’s just fine for a Black doll to have a long forehead and a serious expression. You made her look unnatural.”

By making the choice to make Starfire with a black doll I knew I’d have to start to grapple with whatever whitey white biases might show up being a white girl working on a not-white doll face. So I listened.

My pink skinned Raven doll reads as a lovely human face, while also being goth/otherworldly. I want my Starfire to read as human and alien. I don’t want the alien to come at the expense of her human face. Grappling with that sure as hell beats just making white dolls when it comes to exploring the art and myself.

So…off with her eyebrows and on with my eyebrow battle.


Finally I settled on this pair…the gloss for the lips and eyes was still wet and milky in this shot:


What’s going on with her hair? Time for a less intense boil perm to give her curled bangs!

And…the detail of the eyes bothers me. This is a test doll but it feels below what I’m capable of so I bought this for future adventures.


Magnifier with a built-in light!

Doll head now?….

I’m pretty sure this won’t be my last eye and eyebrow battle. If I do go with hair that’s hot pink for my larger version that might change how the eyebrows read as well. I also think I might go with a slightly more oval iris/pupil shape instead of round.

But that’s where I end for now.

Next time…dealing with Clawdeen’s fur.


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Life in Boxes: Alice

If you’re vaguely obsessive like me…and I’m assuming you’re a little like me…and you skip blogging for two months it can be daunting to return.

Instead of looking at the overwhelming amount of stuff I have to present to you I’m going take comfort in the fact that I’m NOT lacking subject matter. Ill just look back to see where I left off and what I haven’t shared.

Last I regularly wrote, I’d hit upon the idea of making doll trunks/doll boxes out of 100¥ shop goods.

Starting at the 100¥ shop helps me feel like I’m keeping everything under budget and being responsible. That is a feeling, not a truth. The 100¥ shop presents the challenge of how to flourish with outside limitations. I can’t possibly get all the supplies I would ideally want work with there, but I might stumble over solutions I hadn’t thought of.

Some limitations are worth exploring: if the wooden boxes I find aren’t quite large enough for a traditional trunk, but I’ve purchased them anyway, how shall I move forward?

Some limitations aren’t worth enduring : 100¥ wood cutting tools feed off human blood and tears. Invest in better.

This is where we last were with Alice.

Alice enjoys some coffee while I work.

I’d sawed some wood and boxes apart and rejoined them to form her home. I’d made a drawer for her extra items. These small Picco Nemo bodies come with extra hands in various positions that can be swapped in. I thought it’d be nice to have those hands stored with her along with any props or extra dresses I might make.

I’d decoupaged the interior of her room.

Now it was time to give Alice a chair.

I sawed apart a business card holder to make the frame of the chair. This was how I learned about the blood sacrifices and invectives required by cheap tools.

I sewed tiny cushions, stuffed them, and joined them awkwardly together. I now know that I’d be better off shaping sponges or another dense but soft substrate for furniture cushions and then covering them with fabric.

Miniature construction videos on you tube, like repaint videos, are soothing. I wish crafters could get some special versions of a smoke break. Like “hey, give me five minutes to watch something on my screen or knit a few rows…I promise I’ll be a better co-worker/human afterwards”

Chair deemed good enough.

I then finished painting the exterior of the boxes with the decoupage Alice cover. I joined the two boxes together with hinges and a clasp.

Alice lives here now.

I only regret that it’s a little dark in there. Since construction I’ve been playing around with tiny led lights and plastic 100¥ tea lights.

Fliiiiicckering Alice.


Where it started.

Where it ends. The Professor is leaving before a game or croquette begins.

Ps. You really should watch the Royal Ballet doing Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

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I Slump in Sadness

I visited America for two weeks this summer, hitting Maryland/Virginia/Pennsylvania for the first time in 18+ years.

I don’t have a car in Japan. I don’t need or want one here. I only drive in America. Usually I visit my hometown, where I can borrow a car. I’ve also visited cities with good enough transportation options and friends….but this trip I needed to rent a car.

How I got to this age never renting a car, I don’t know. I asked for advice and was told “reserve the smallest possible car. They will try to up-sell you once you’re in front of them. Often they won’t even have that car, it’s just to lure you in…but keep saying you want that car. You’ll generally get a nicer/larger car for the same price if you don’t back down.

Well, that’s what I did. I also requested GPS because I ready don’t need to make my once-a-year skill use more complicated.

My friend Brad took me to the car rental office my first full day in America. The man behind the desk was a sweetie and liked my homemade skull dress. He said he could go locate a GPS system for the car I asked for (a clip-in one) or rent me a larger car with one built-in for the same price.

This is how I came to be driving a Cadillac Escalade. A HUGE fucking car. HUGE.

Brad was kind enough to take a test ride with me to a Denny’s first. I was yelling “omfg this is low key terrifying!!!!” most of the way. Brad helped me figure out all the extras the car had to make driving A HUGE FUCKING CAR easier (more sensors, things that light up when someone is in your blind spot, that kinda thing).

After that all my major drives to different cities became a GPS navigation to all Tuesday Morning stops between Point A to Point B.

I didn’t know what a Tuesday Morning store was when I bought my first used Pullip doll. Through YouTube Pullip Education sessions I soon learned that these odd stores occasionally have random Pullip dolls for 40-50usd….when they normally go for 100-200 new.

Now, that’s I all I knew. My first trip to a Tuesday Morning earlier this year, in my hometown, was creepy and I found no Pullips. Tuesday Morning is an “off-price retailer for close out merchandise” a grab bag of furniture, home goods, and a handful of random toys. You never know what you’re going to get.

I did find four different full sized Pullip/Dal/Tayangs on this trip but nothing grabbed me. I now have regrets. In fact the regret set in when I learned how expensive downtown Philadelphia parking was but by then I was at the end of my trip and far away from the Tuesday Mornings that I’d found treasure at.

I did buy one Mini-Pullip. I’ll rebody her in the future.

I was well into my habit of googling “Tuesday Morning near me” before any long drive by the time Rook and I went to pick Emily up from the Philadelphia airport. I informed Emily and Rook that our drive to where we were staying WOULD involve one Tuesday Morning stop on the way and that was non-negotiable. I then explained the above reasons.

This was how Emily found herself, a woman once afraid of dolls, buying toys.

Our first Tuesday Morning DID have a Taeyang I now regret not buying…but we didn’t leave empty handed.

First of all I took this photo. Y’all know Hippos are deadly, right? The Little People know.

Then I saw Tristesse.

I’m very upfront about being a depressive with anxiety issues who avails herself to prescription medication to stay moving forward. I have a special love for Sadness from Inside Out (Japanese title: Inside Head). The last Elementary school I worked at has a large poster of the character I painted for the English room. They also have a poster I painted of Bianca del Rio.

I had to have Sadness. Her action? Slumping in Sadness.


She was only 6$ or so. In part because the batteries inside her own head were now dead and when you pressed her slump button she only made a bug-like clicking noise.

I bought her and a Monster High doll to be customized later.

Emily bought a Stieff Dinosaur, a Malificent, and some assorted bugs.

Here we are feeding Tastykakes to our toys in bed.

Here is Sadness trying to blend in. Relatable content.

But I’m never content to leave well enough alone. When I returned to Japan I figured out how to remove Sadness’s hair, unscrew her headplate, and replace her batteries. She now moans and says things like “Goodbye, friendship, Hello, loneliness” “I don’t think that will work” and “I’mSad” in English.

Then there was the matter of her sweater. It’s sweatshirt fabric seamed in many places and kept flipping awkwardly and showing the seams.

So I knit her a sweater from leftover yarn. It was the first time in a long time I knit without a pattern. She also tried on a beretthat one of my other dolls had been wearing.

I’ve since gone on a felt beret spree, making berets with exposed seams and enclosed seams. I figured she needed a proper blue beret for her active slumping.

The Sadness figure comes with a fake book. My next plans are to cover that fake book with a Sartre cover and sew a tote bag for her book. Maybe I’ll even make some tiny medicine blister packs to slip into the tote with her reading.

After all, Sadness relies on a the Inside Out team to balance her out…and I rely on modern medicine to be able to better access my full emotional range, despite sadness always being an integral part of who I am.

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Frightfully Tall RAVEN

I only started watching Teen Titans Go this year, thanks Netflix Japan, but I quickly fell in love with it. After watching the first three seasons (available on Netflix) I went back and watched Teen Titans. It really doesn’t have the insane joy but I get where it fit into the cartoons of the time and enjoyed getting references I’d missed watching Teen Titans Go cold.

When I visited the homeland, Madison, Wi, this spring I had my eye out for adorable Raven merch. There was a lot but I didn’t LOVE anything.

Then my doll clothing and stuff hookup showed me an oversized Monster High doll with great articulation and said, “the first one’s free.”


Nah, they’re all free. That’s why I don’t share my hookup with the world.

Along with all that doll clothing, some free wigs, and a few MTM Barbies I’d bought, I brought back a 14”/ 35cm Monster High doll…technically a Frightfully Tall Ghoul! Elisabat!


I didn’t know what I’d do with her…and then I watched even more Teen Titans Go and knew…I needed to make my Raven doll.

Did Elissabat have the grayish hue of cartoon Raven? No. But Comic Raven didn’t either so I didn’t care. She was alien enough with purple/pink skin. Would it be exact? Nope. My Raven, my rules. I just wanted a Raven doll that would please me.

First, I swaddled Soon-to-be-Raven in an arm cover (what Japanese ladies wear to protect their arms from the sun) and a hair sock. Then, I removed her face with acetone. Finally I primed her face with Mr. Super Clear.


Craft Mavens Go!

I built up her new face with layers of chalk pastels/ watercolor pencils/ and acrylics. I’ve seen a lot of Raven cosplayers go for a dramatic purple lip. Now, I love wearing a purple lip. It’s an easy quick look. BAM! My deep purple lips are distracting you from the fact I’ve done next to nothing else with my face! But Raven’s dramatic impact point for me has been her eyes and her lips seem to be downplayed. I wanted a more muted, almost nude, look for her lips in contrast to eyes that would make Souxie proud.


Then came making her outfit. I decided that I don’t care that Raven doesn’t wear black boots with black ribbons and black hearts on them. There aren’t a lot of Frightfully Tall Ghouls to swipe boots from. They looked cool enough. Maybe someday I’ll be bothered but not today. Besides, I think the fold-down boot top with an accent color is a bit too super-cheesy for me.

Monster High dolls have WICKED swaybacks.


There was no way I was going to try and make a one-piece sleeved swimsuit top. Elissabat’s original dress solved the problem of sleeves by having the top be a fitted jacket/bolero over a dress.

I did the same. With some think black spandex I put a knitfabric needle in my machine and went to work, first making a swimsuit with black elastic straps and then making a top that closed with Velcro in back.

Then the cloak. Comic book Raven generally has dark blue as her accent color…and I think as a child I had one isolated comic issue with Raven and teen-space-drama that I somehow filled in the blanks for what happened before and after…but I fell for Teen Titans Go Raven HARD so purple it was.

But first, some coffee….I know Raven drinks tea but this is MY Raven and MY head cannon.

CAPE! Is purple crushed velvet tacky? Yes. Did I choose it? Yes. I could have gone with a thick satin but that can fray when you’re working with it and be slippery to stitch (trust me, Bellydance Costumes…lots of satin of varying quality) and I wanted clean edges without lining the whole cape.

The shape was easy, half circle cape plus a hood shape with triangular extension of the front of the hood to make the Raven Bill shape. I lined the hood with left-over black spandex, to give it slightly more shape, and left the cape unlined so it wasn’t too heavy.

Then I turned to air dry plasticine clay for the accessories. I had hoped to find jewelry fittings and stones for Raven’s belt (belt, not built in swimsuit accents) and such but nothing was right. I don’t think I’ve used Sculpty or anything similar for 20+ years…and I never loved it. Yet, there I was in a craft store looking at air-dry clays (in a second language) and I figured I’d just use it to make the parts.

I’d say it was 70% successful. I joined everything with jump rings for the belt or stitching for fabric. I painted a Raven onto the accessory for her cape closure.


I could have left it there but Raven usually has…hand-gauntlet jewel thingies. I made fingerless gloves with (cheesy) purple trim. I don’t love them but I don’t hate them.


I do love Raven now.

I finished Raven on a rainy day, thus the dark photo with a pillowcase background. Today after getting home from work I ran around the neighborhood taking some photos.

HI! Nothing to see here! Just a gaijin girl with a doll taking pictures in your shrubbery!

I wish I’d reviewed the images more as I took them (belt flip! but that can be edited in photoshop if I want to or if someone wants to do it for me …(wink)) unfortunately an old man and his dog took to following me around so I felt a little more rushed and absurd than I might normally on my first street shoot with doll.


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My First Blythe: Part 1

Disclaimer: There is Doll Nudity ahead. I’ve seen enough videos and web pages to now know that people put a disclaimer for this fact. I have NO idea what sort of angry mail they get when they don’t. I hope it’s just because naked dolls exude a eldritch sadness and not for doll sexuality.

I bought a “Factory Blythe” off Wish. When you’re in Japan, knockoffs from China come quickly. There are conflicting reports of if Takara makes the Factory Blythes and they just don’t get marketed or they are crazy factory hodgepodges of parts that don’t pass minor quality control from multiple dolls.


Mine isn’t obviously fake…not the sort of bootleg you’d have to call Brize or Blype… There are no mismatched skin colors or fit issues. It has the Takara trademarks on the head and the body and the legs bend as they are supposed to.

But, it was affordable (around 30 dollars instead of 100 or higher) so it’s not “real real”

Real Blythe dolls are haunted by the spirit of pug dogs who have passed on but still want to pee on things.

Because I’m going to open it up and carve into its face plate, I don’t care that it’s not the genuine article. My doll joy isn’t in finding and collecting released dolls. I’ll never make a youtube video bashing fake or factory Blythes and neither should you…it’s a bad look.

Second Disclosure: On FaceBook I took a poll… because this Blythe started getting super creepy quickly.

Poll: Yes, more creepy dolls. Do you want to see photos throughout the process as it happens OR should I wait until the end of the face up and show those freaky process photos all at once?

  • 71%Process! eyeless dolls
  • 29%Nightmares all at once.

Let’s continue.


Like a lot of my friends, you may have thought that Blythe had one pair of eyes. Like a human…. or the pugs that haunt them.

WRONG! They have four pairs of eyes: two that look directly at your and two that side eye. Each set is a different color. Like Pullip dolls you can remove the eyechips and replace them. Unlike Pullip dolls, this involves melting the tip of a hot glue stick, adhering it to the eye chip and pulling the chip out that way.

With a pull of the cord at the back of her head: Blythe’s eyelids roll down, her eye-mech makes an ungodly noise, and her eyes change.

The below video loaded right-side up on my phone but appears to be upside down here.
MAYBE this is a different Blythe, a full knockoff, but I’m not ready to talk about that.

Sorry, not sorry

I’ve learned the way to customize a Blythe is not just to remove it’s face and sand away the shiny finish…you CARVE into it. So, I picked up some carving tools and more files.

Then I knew what this Blythe would become..and that the dream I’ve had since high school art metals class would come true: buying my own router/dremel.

Perfect time to get one! Because it came during Japan’s Golden Week Holiday which I spent like this. Tendonitis flareup! Dolls and Ice!


No worries, because today was this sort of day:


Between two outdoor shows with the studio and other dance teachers/students today. I’m on my feet again.


Why the corner triangles at the eyes?


She’s becoming Aggretsuko!
Now, I’ve been on the Aggretsuko bandwagon for over a year. I have a LOT of little goodies AND a HUGE Aggretsuko purse. I’m pleased that she got her own show on Netflix AND it’s on Netflix Japan in multiple languages. You should be watching it.

And this is either genius or a horrible monster in the making. The early stages of carefully priming her face and building up layers of chalk pastel/watercolor pencil, scared even me…and was why I posted a poll on Facebook.

I know.

We’re going to crazy town and this is just the first stop.