I’ve never been confused by a wig. I’ve been confused by people’s choice of wigs, sure, who hasn’t? But to fundamentally not understand a wig’s construction and intent is new to me. Maybe it’s just the lack of wigs in my life. If I had more connection to wigs, a great number of them interacting … Continue reading Wiggity-whack

Let the bodies be packed carefully and stored under my bed.

Tuesday after work I went to Akihabara Radio Kaikan to buy some Obitsu bodies. Akihabara is an environment that makes me itchy and unhappy. I cannot handle the atmosphere of the place . Stores that sell straight-up posable dolls (not Anime figures) are by far more chill than the rest of Akihabara. The most chill … Continue reading Let the bodies be packed carefully and stored under my bed.

For Rookling: The Secret Project.

Let’s meet the girl behind the project I’ve been keeping secret. She’s my favorite corvid-human hybrid, Rookling. Her project happened simultaneously alongside Archie. Rookling, her polychrome hair mushrooming around her face, thick lashes and extra lashes on top of that, the eyes of Liza Minnelli, and such aptitude, y’all...such aptitudes...such a mind for images and … Continue reading For Rookling: The Secret Project.