Spa day

The first thing that hint you as you scurry into my apartment from the cold is the scent of Flair. Each bottle of fabric softener smells like a garden crime scene in which roses have been massacred. Such carnage. Much Flair. So ow my eyes and senses. I avoid scented products...but doll wigs and doll … Continue reading Spa day

Chapter XX, Ma Chine (Part one: Kimono)

This chapter begins with Presentation Party. As far as I can tell, a presentation party involves each Thimble Person we’ve met this far performing a formal self-introduction. It’s like your first day in a new  language class.... but with forced rhymes. As.Fun.As.It.Sounds. “We're going to give a party; And we will evermore be true, And … Continue reading Chapter XX, Ma Chine (Part one: Kimono)