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Work the book: First Coordinates

Here I am working my way through a doll-clothing book from cover to cover.

The book is はじめてのドール•コーディネイト•レシピ  (First doll coordinates how-to) by Dolly Dolly books. ISBN978-4-7661-1982-4 (1,500¥ new)


The projects are: a dress, medium length shorts, pleated skirt,blouse, tank top (for knits),  bloomers, socks (for knits), tote bag,  and  tailored jacket.




Included with the book are all the patterns  in five different sizes and which model doll they were specifically designed for:

  • 11cm doll (Poochi Blythe)
  • 20cm doll (Odeko and Nikki ), 22cm (Blythe)
  • 27cm (momoko doll)
  • 42cm (Unoa Quluts Doll)

there are also specific charts for various dolls indicating which size of the pattern works best for them.

The one below is for Dal (Groove). It shows that she’ll wear the the dress in size 20cm but will need a 2cm adjustment. The waist for the 22cm skirt will be a bit to large and so on…


The other dolls with specific charts like this: Licca, JENNY, Unoa Quluts Light, Tiny Betsy McCall, DAL, nano Haruka, and MISAKI.

The books are full of step by step guides like this. This one is for tracing patterns to fabric. This book takes the odd step of tracing the outline of a photocopyof the pattern and then cutting away the seam-allowance from that photocopy and trace again.

I do not have the time or the desire to waste paper like that. I’m tracing the patterns onto clear plastic, like that used for folders, to make a reusable pattern. I’m sketching  in the seam allowance lines in thin chalk after tracing the pattern onto the fabric.


Here is another example of how detailed the instructions are. This shows the type of closure used on the dress (there are how-to on making the loops) and then covers how to assemble a variation of the dress top that includes darting.

Projects finished so far:

The dress:

In my first version I added a twice folded hem to give the skirt more volume. The stitching isn’t perfect so if I have a doll for this I’ll add trim at the waste to hide that stitch line.

My second version, with the spooky bats, is much cleaner and better assembled.


These I felt I nailed on my first try. The Preppy shorts were made first. Then I shortened the length, made in denim, and added yellow-stitched details.



The detail notes were correct, the waist is a bit large for a DAL or Picconeemo. If I do this regularly for DAL I’ll draft my own waistband.



For the love of GOD is this difficult. It’s also a project I made before. I went straight to this pattern when I first bought the book for my Agretsuko Blythe could have a shirt two summers ago.


This time I’ve made it twice so far, each version getting cleaner. 7a8aafa2-bc6b-438f-b8c4-769be7637ba0

With this I’ve achieved a looser collar. I know how to remedy this (where to fold so the collar “button” flaps overlap correctly) but I rather like it as-is on the tiny-print fabric version.

Tank top with trim:

I gotta be me. So far I have NOT yet made the tiny socks and bloomers. I might just make them from the same fabric for a comfy rocker pj outfit. I did most of this by hand instead of machine sew.

pssssstt. Making tiny socks scares me.

Tote Bag:

I didn’t have matching thread but I made it anyways. When I have matching thread I’ll finish the handles but it looks CUTE.


So what do I have left? Socks….Bloomers and the dreaded:


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Let’s move along to finished projects I should have told you about ages ago.

My Aggretsuko Blythe! Just in time for the Netflix Christmas Special!!

Her face just wasn’t right last time. I realized that it was because I’d given her lips. Red pandas have mouths that pop out from under white fur.

That issue solved:

Eyes I ordered locally:

Hearts and skulls!

I also used a pattern book to make that tiny shirt. I drafted the skirt myself.

Local wig! I decided to trim it after this picture. I made the ears out of white fake fur and orange felt. They are lightly stuffed and stitched to the wig.

Hair cut! Fake beer from a Gotchapon


I used a pattern book again but altered a jacket pattern into a vest pattern.

With leftover white fake fur (I painted with watered-down acrylics and brushed between colors to prevent clumping) I created her tail.

I also drew one pair of her eyes and glued them to 14cm glass cabochons.

And printed out the last pair and glued them similarly


Happy Holidays, Y’all.

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Dollyterria haul!

This Friday was my last Friday going to my current therapist.

I’ve been going to her, and taking anti-depressants, since September 2011…when the low of the 3/11 Tohoku quake / Fukushima aftermath just never left me.

I could barely get through a day without crying. I was erratic. I couldn’t fathom what would happen when my seasonal depression kicked in. I’d been scrambling each winter, for 13 winters, to manage my symptoms with journaling, working out, eating healthy, light boxes, yoga on top of working out…and even then it was rough.

My therapist’s father has fallen ill and she’s moving to help her family. She’s set me up. I’ve made reservations for my next regular prescriptions and such. I have letters from her detailing my years with her for my next doctor.

In light of this, when I saw I’d be able to leave work a little early and be in Tokyo an hour before my appointment time…I punched train destinations and times into my train app.

There’d be time for dolls!


Specifically a side trip to Dollyterria in Ikebukuro. Dollyteria is a used doll resale shop. It has locations in Shinjuku and Yokohama but Ikebukuro is its largest location.

It’s large by Tokyo standards. It’s taken over two floors, each floor about the size of a dormroom/ budget business hotel….packed with doll parts, doll accessories and dolls in all levels of condition.

Photography, alas, is not allowed.

This trip’s haul:

Naked Pullip doll in a bag! 2,000¥

Original outfit? Gone! Original wig? Gone!

Original lipstick is gone but the rest of the original face paint remains.

That’s how I was able to figure out it is a type 3 body and was originally Holly, a Pullip dressed like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Japan has a soft spot for that movie….Despite it having one of America’s historically gawdafful yellow face depictions of a Japanese character. Audrey and her Tiffany’s look isn’t just beloved, there’s also Moon River. The song is often used as closing music in stores and is inexplicably the “the train doors are open for boarding” cue music at my local train station.

My baggy doll is missing her wink bars (for lowering her eyelids). When I opened her head I realized her eyelids are in there but the modifications done to her eyes prevent her lids from closing. Previous owner just solved that by deciding she wouldn’t wink or blink…and removed the bars.

It seems like the modifications may have put extra stress on the eye-mech, some parts that shouldn’t be extra came out when I opened her skull but that’s ok because… I scored an extra eye mech for 300¥

And an extra Obitsu body for 1000¥

All the bodies in my craft room were legally bought and paid for. There are no bodies in my crawl space.

Last purchase on my spree was…used Blythe wig!

I have a factory Blythe I haven’t customized yet. Blue/green wig seems like a jumping off spot.

I also finished my first Blythe and need to document how Blythe became Aggretsuko soon.

Until then:

  • See a therapist if you think you might need it
  • End pill shaming
  • May all your surprised encounters with headless bodies be dolls or mannequin
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My First Blythe: Part 1

Disclaimer: There is Doll Nudity ahead. I’ve seen enough videos and web pages to now know that people put a disclaimer for this fact. I have NO idea what sort of angry mail they get when they don’t. I hope it’s just because naked dolls exude a eldritch sadness and not for doll sexuality.

I bought a “Factory Blythe” off Wish. When you’re in Japan, knockoffs from China come quickly. There are conflicting reports of if Takara makes the Factory Blythes and they just don’t get marketed or they are crazy factory hodgepodges of parts that don’t pass minor quality control from multiple dolls.


Mine isn’t obviously fake…not the sort of bootleg you’d have to call Brize or Blype… There are no mismatched skin colors or fit issues. It has the Takara trademarks on the head and the body and the legs bend as they are supposed to.

But, it was affordable (around 30 dollars instead of 100 or higher) so it’s not “real real”

Real Blythe dolls are haunted by the spirit of pug dogs who have passed on but still want to pee on things.

Because I’m going to open it up and carve into its face plate, I don’t care that it’s not the genuine article. My doll joy isn’t in finding and collecting released dolls. I’ll never make a youtube video bashing fake or factory Blythes and neither should you…it’s a bad look.

Second Disclosure: On FaceBook I took a poll… because this Blythe started getting super creepy quickly.

Poll: Yes, more creepy dolls. Do you want to see photos throughout the process as it happens OR should I wait until the end of the face up and show those freaky process photos all at once?

  • 71%Process! eyeless dolls
  • 29%Nightmares all at once.

Let’s continue.


Like a lot of my friends, you may have thought that Blythe had one pair of eyes. Like a human…. or the pugs that haunt them.

WRONG! They have four pairs of eyes: two that look directly at your and two that side eye. Each set is a different color. Like Pullip dolls you can remove the eyechips and replace them. Unlike Pullip dolls, this involves melting the tip of a hot glue stick, adhering it to the eye chip and pulling the chip out that way.

With a pull of the cord at the back of her head: Blythe’s eyelids roll down, her eye-mech makes an ungodly noise, and her eyes change.

The below video loaded right-side up on my phone but appears to be upside down here.
MAYBE this is a different Blythe, a full knockoff, but I’m not ready to talk about that.

Sorry, not sorry

I’ve learned the way to customize a Blythe is not just to remove it’s face and sand away the shiny finish…you CARVE into it. So, I picked up some carving tools and more files.

Then I knew what this Blythe would become..and that the dream I’ve had since high school art metals class would come true: buying my own router/dremel.

Perfect time to get one! Because it came during Japan’s Golden Week Holiday which I spent like this. Tendonitis flareup! Dolls and Ice!


No worries, because today was this sort of day:


Between two outdoor shows with the studio and other dance teachers/students today. I’m on my feet again.


Why the corner triangles at the eyes?


She’s becoming Aggretsuko!
Now, I’ve been on the Aggretsuko bandwagon for over a year. I have a LOT of little goodies AND a HUGE Aggretsuko purse. I’m pleased that she got her own show on Netflix AND it’s on Netflix Japan in multiple languages. You should be watching it.

And this is either genius or a horrible monster in the making. The early stages of carefully priming her face and building up layers of chalk pastel/watercolor pencil, scared even me…and was why I posted a poll on Facebook.

I know.

We’re going to crazy town and this is just the first stop.

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All those outfits

I am nursing a flare-up in tendonitis in one of my ankles so I’ll be at home for a few days during the national holidays icing and resting and probably catching up. I could explain why it’s been a while but it’s not interesting: work and life.

I’m waiting for some eye chips to arrive. If they were here that’s what I’d be up to.

I realized that in talking about the new bodies and old sewing machine I brought back with me from the homeland…I hadn’t told you about the DOLL CLOTHING.

Let’s just say I have a source who cannot be named. My dealer sometimes has baggies and baggies of doll clothing. She laughed and laughed at seeing a full-grown me (as a girl I hadn’t been much into dress-up doll play and she’s known me since my youth) sitting on the floor surrounded by weee clothing.

Below are dark photos of much of my stash…RIGHT?

And if you’re looking at those groovy blue paisley pants and thinking “Wow”…I’m about to blow your mind. That paisley and the two items under it (psychedelic and anchors)…are…


PANTSUITS! You didn’t think they could get better and yet they did.


the MTM Barbie showing off one of then new dresses

Not everything fits. Alterations are in process. but I’ve spotted some of these on vintage Barbies and Blythes online and pumped my fists shouting “Scooooore”

vintage francie

Whaaaaat? Vintage Francie, Barbie’s mod friend? I know that dress!

Who wore it better?

Another look now in rotation is a jacket I got from my hook-up.


That’s actually the inside. It’s got an extra layer of stiff fabric to give the skirt more shape. It fit the dolls in the arms and shoulders but didn’t close. So I added lace, trim and a closing ribbon…


And Reggie is ready to hit the GothLoli long and she doesn’t get her laces caught in an escalator.

That’s the HAUL!