Clara Bow

In my attempt to entertain myself and others I didn’t stop with doing Theda Bara make-up. I went on to Clara Bow. Hollywood’s headstrong “It Girl” who got widely slandered in her day.


Now, the hard part about this look is…I don’t have much eyebrows but I do have SOME eyebrows where eyebrows are generally found.

I had to watch some drag queen tutorials about using gluestick to stick your eyebrows to your skin and then conceal them. I didn’t have any super fresh glue sticks and couldn’t justify GLUE STICK FOR MY FACE as a reason to go out to a shop.

Like many adventures in eyebrows, one eyebrow was victorious and the other pretended to be a good sport about the whole ordeal.



People have told me the cupid lip really works for me. My secret? I barely have lips to start with so I’m not actually making them much smaller, I’m just creating the idea that they have a shape.



And lastly there’s this shot…which encourages me to try a face I know I will fall short of…IMG_2874

Lousie Brooks. She’s a total babe….with an overdrawn top lip.

c. 1925: Louise Brooks


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