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Beast Boys

Have I made Beast Boy (the doll) his action suit?


Have I made two Beast Boy animal figures?


I saw this derpy doggie at the 100¥ shop.

One Apoxie Sculpt collar and paint job later

Beast Dog!

My MH haul came with these plastic cats.

I cut one head open and drilled some drainage holes.

Then I primed and painted.

It’s rough but it’s Beast Cat Planter!

It’s these little projects that give me the sense I’m accomplishing something creative when my schedule gets busy.

Should my self worth be tied to my productivity? No.

Is it?


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Inner Monster.

The most awesome doll in the doll haul from the American consignment shop:



So great. So great. Mine was without a box but I don’t care about boxes. I had everything but the notebook/diary. I don’t need that diary. I have this here blog.

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 20.49.54


Oh, and mine had one other issue.

A head detached from her body. I had yet to really understand how awesome she was. But her head alone had an exposed brain that, when pressed, changed her eye colors.


With much rattling and tweezers I finally got the broken neck-part out of her head. This allowed me to figure out how the neck and head were supposed to attach.

Oh, did I not mention that her body plates come off to expose her SPINE and such? When I bought the lot I DIDN’T KNOW. Even when I got it I hadn’t googled for more info. I only figured it out when I saw how the seams of the body moved a bit when I manipulated the head.

I opened her up!

I then drilled a screw partway into her neck and used Apoxie Sculpt to make a new head node.

Here’s the copy for this amazing product in bold.

Monsters have feelings too!

Yes, we do.

And now they can express their monster moods – or yours!

Awesome! I am a sucker for toys and stories about how our emotions are a natural part of who we are…thus my Inside Out love.

This Monster High ghoul has creepy cool transformative features and killer ways of emoting!

Me too!

With three of options, this monster can run the gamut of emotions from Shivering Sad to Eek Excited to Hauntingly Happy.

I have more emotions than that. That’s not technically running the gamut.

Fun fact about “Eek Excited.” I will respond to Eek. If I see it typed out I will identify with it as possibly meaning me. This comes from my misspent youth being a 14 year old with a 2400 baud modem who learned about local chat lines. I quickly chose the handle Eclipse and from ages 14-19 that was generally shortened to Eek.

Press on her scary cool neon brain to change the look in her eyes – the eye-changing feature even works with the wig on!

Three different eyes!

Swap out the three faceplates to change her facial expression from gore-geous to gaga.


This is something I’ve wanted with a MH doll AND IN LIFE. Extra faces.

This is another thing that dates back to my childhood love of the Oz books and the brief appearance of Princess Langwidere.

“Langwidere is a different person every time I see her. For the only way her maids and subjects can recognize her at all is by means of a pretty little key made out of solid ruby; which she always wears on a dainty chain attached to her left wrist. So when we see the key we know we are beholding the Princess.” ―Ozma of Oz (1907)

That key was to her hall of HEADS.

Back to dolls.

Plug emoticons (emotion-based peggable pieces) into her inner skeleton to make a literal statement and get even more “in touch” with your emotions.

Ok. So you can put a clear chest plate on her and see her spine/pelvis AND put little mood pegs into that skeleton.


I’m just keeping the thunderstorm in her pelvis. I feel it. There are three more places to plug in emotions on the rib cage. All extra emotions can be stored in her purse. I generally done have emotions in my purse but I usually carry around emergency nuts in case my blood sugar drops and I get Radically Raged.

And of course, fabulous feeling fashions and clawesome corresponding accessories can match the mood on the outside.

Clawed omelette is what my autocorrect made of Clawesome.

Throw on the enchanting wings, the creepy cool genie tail or both! Choose a hair-raising purple ponytail or a colorful wig. Swap the chest plates and the fashions to complete the look. When the right mood is captured, record the monster’s story in the fill-in-the-blank diary to take personalization to new scary heights.

Ok. The creepy cool genie tail. I had questions.

In the pictures of the lot I was going to get I kept wondering, “What is that hungry penis plant thing? Will it make more sense when it arrives? ”



Turns out, that’s for her Eek Excited look. You pull out her legs and shove her pelvis in that. That’s ok and not disturbing at all! Probably less disturbing than the uncanny valley that Will Smith often inhabits in the live action Aladin.

This video from Surprise Egg and Toy Collector on You Tube shows each of the three looks.

Eek Excited:

The whole video goes over every aspect I mention in better detail and each of the looks It’s late and I’d rather not set up to take photos.

The set includes one full doll with eye-changing/brain feature, three interchangeable face plates, two peggable/interchangeable skeletons, one additional chest plate, three monsterrific accessories (wings, tail, furry peplum), multiple inner emotion-based pieces (that snap into the doll), two over-the-top fashions, one pair of shoes, doll stand, brush and fill-in-the-blank diary. It’s a brand new way to play! Collect other dolls and expansion Add-On Packs for even more frightful options (sold separately). Ages 6 and older.

I would have gone insane for monster high dolls if they’d launched at the right time of my childhood…or in my childhood AT ALL.

I’m not changing this one.

She’s currently wearing another doll’s outfit and being a Sad rocker.


And doing Sadness a great concern.


But, most things do Sadness a great concern. It’s her thing, really.


Here comes the General

It’s been two weeks since my anxious little Professor went missing. No signs. No sounds. No responses.

I’d been looking at hedgies online and kept coming back to two little awkward dorks in a shop in Meguro, Tokyo.

I ordered a better cage (not handmade by me from 100¥ shop items…although I’m still proud of that cage) from a person who custom makes cages in Japan (found them via Mercari/yahoo auction) and it should ship soon.

I did some extra escape-proofing of the existing cage.

Yesterday, after teaching my three Saturday dance lessons, I packed my hedgehog carrier and set off to Kojima pets in Meguro two meet the two dorks I’d been looking at. I just couldn’t stop thinking about them.

I made a beeline for their cage and flagged a staff member over. She was concerned that I’d find it painful to pick one up…but I told her I’d had one as a pet before.

I have craft hands. No needle mouse is going to penetrate these calluses.

The two girls shared a cage. I picked up the larger of the two (3 months old, the second pictured above) and she wasn’t having it. She just stayed in a ball. I picked up the second (2 months old) and in a few moments she uncurled to sniff at me, curious.

Hellooooo, General Jinjur.

I perform under the dance name of Ozma. My last hedgehog was Professor, after Professor Wogglebug. Pulling another name from Oz cannon made sense for my cinnamon tension mouse.

I filled out the paperwork and bought pet insurance.

Last time I got my hedgehog from a hedgehog cafe. More expensive and no insurance options…and probably more traumatized. This time I’ll have online resources to vets, LINE access to vets and 50% of bills covered.

Jinjur came home with me. She tiny but she unleashed quite the fear poop in her carry case.

If you think hedgehogs have tiny little rabbity poops….you’d be so wrong. They sorta poop like dogs. It’s a bit astounding. It’s a sizable passing.

Every once in a while someone on a hedgehog FB page posts a mid-poop shot. I wish they wouldn’t.

General Jinjur is already more personable than the Professor was at this stage.

There are two thoughts on how to handle your tension-mouse in the first week.

-leave them alone but have a shirt that smells like you in the enclosure

-have that shirt in there but handle them

a few times each day so they start bonding with you ASAP.

With the Professor I followed the first route…but because he hid and wouldn’t emerge if he heard or smelled me or lights were on it was easy. I often wondered if he was alive that first week. I’d lay in the dark listening.

I’m trying the second way with Jinjur. She was fine with the lights being on. She let me watch her eat. She would pause on her wheel if she smelled me…but would return to running once she felt safe.

Tonight I’m bringing home some pool-noodles from the 100¥ shop. Her new cage will mean moving the bookcase a little ways from the wall. I’ll be shoving pool noodles in the gap to protect it from becoming a hiding space…just like I do the other heavy items such as the fridge and the washing machine (both of which I moved several times in the Professor search. A tube in my washer also broke last week…flooding the kitchen…but I have since fixed it myself. On the second try).

Jinjur is settled into the old cage. Once the new one comes I’ll keep the older one for a few more weeks…just incase the Professor returns somehow.

They wouldn’t be able to share a cage or play together, because that’s how hedgies get preggers, but I could be a two hedgehog home.

Yay for needlemice. Anxious little babes for an anxious little woman.

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With and without…and another box.

It’s been a month since my last post.

A dooooozy of a month…but not as bad as last year. It was the one year anniversary of the horrible reveal that one of my friends is an international con artist and another friend is so much worse (the legal case on the second still drags on). So while things have sucked…last year around this time I was only getting 3-4 hours a sleep and had a few breakdowns.

This May…not great. It was physically busy as I continued to grow into my new job and  new commute, in that uneasy valley between full paychecks, and while still substitute teaching an extra night of dance lessons for the second month in a row. Then the last week hit HARD.




In October of last year, my shrink had to move to Hokkaido. She set me up with a decent doctor. That second doctor is now hospitalized and it’s not clear when or if he’ll return to practice.

After 9 months of waiting, my application for permanent residency was rejected. I’m waiting on an official reason.

And then there’s this…


The baffling absence of The Professor. That’s a “have you seen my pointy antisocial pet” sign. It’s been almost a week with no signs of him.

My good friend Ebony went through health hell here on her Scammer-versary. we’ve been using LINE to check back and forth in a “Hey, I think I”m doing better for these last two hours than you…how can I help?” way.

Mercury isn’t in retrograde, the universe is just an asshole.

But…life goes on and there’s much to doll up on so I figured I’d use some of my Sunday to start figuring out where to begin on updating this.

I do have a whole HAUL of dolls. A friend in America works at a consignment shop and sent me some photos. I promptly made a 9-year old girl  (who was supper nice to her dolls in a way I never was) very happy by buying her whole collection.

The Pics.





One doll isn’t featured because I’ll get to fixing her later.

AND props and extra shoes!

Which brings me to the first thing I did. I primed and repainted that furniture!



My Dolls now have the fainting couch of my dreams.


And I have another new shelf.



So, one foot ahead of the other and one hank of hair at a time.