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BoxDoll: The hair.

What am I doing to relax now that the giant box of dolls has come to live with me ?

Oh, some days when I get home I’m just turning on Netflix, pinning a doll between my knees so she won’t struggle, and then dividing her hair (after hours of soaking in liquid fabric softener, combing out, rinsing, and repeating) into portions to carefully straight iron.

This is actually not the first before picture of Belle

It’s perfectly normal to have 1 or 2 dolls in your bathtub just soaking their heads in bowls.

Here’s Belle after soaking, hot rinsing, and her first comb out.

This is the kinda damage that remains. I’m guessing the hair got stretched and pulled to a point beyond what it could recover from.

And this is after it’s been in boiling water.

I set my straight iron to 110 Celsius, sectioned the hair, and began the process of straightening.

Not perfect but muuuch better.

When it’s straight you can see the uneven chunks. I’ll curl and boil perm waves back into her hair later and that’ll become imperceptible.


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