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When the dolls come for you. Boxdolls

“Oh, my apartment is full of dolls. They are waiting for me to come home.” I told a dance student I was giving a private lesson to.

“What’s new?” You ask.

I don’t think you understand. There’s been a major leap in dolls.

Big dolls.

Thanks, Gina.

Gina and I first met on LJ, back in the day, and continued onto FB. We’ve never met but she’s always supported my arts.

She has a daughter now. Earlier this year Gina sent me a few thrifted Disney Animators dolls and I sent her daughter thrifted Pokémon goods.

Now I will be doing a repaint for her daughter and am being paid in…thrifted dolls.

So. Many. Dolls.

Dirty, well-loved, exhausted dolls.

15…I think. Maybe more. Some hedgehog plushies too….and a Wonderwoman.

This is the box that came Thursday.

This is the warning photo Gina sent me.

I have been washing dolls and detangling doll hair since then. I’m not even finished with that task 6 days later. There are dolls in every room.

So it’s time to not only batch attack these dolls, but to figure out how to best try and sell the custom dolls that come from it here in Japan.

I’ve been seeing how the Japanese Mercari app works and copy pasting the descriptions of similar custom dolls to figure out the Japanese I’ll need once I’m ready to post.

Because if I don’t find a way out, I’m going to be buried in dolls.

Dirty, well loved, exhausted dolls.


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