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All those outfits

I am nursing a flare-up in tendonitis in one of my ankles so I’ll be at home for a few days during the national holidays icing and resting and probably catching up. I could explain why it’s been a while but it’s not interesting: work and life.

I’m waiting for some eye chips to arrive. If they were here that’s what I’d be up to.

I realized that in talking about the new bodies and old sewing machine I brought back with me from the homeland…I hadn’t told you about the DOLL CLOTHING.

Let’s just say I have a source who cannot be named. My dealer sometimes has baggies and baggies of doll clothing. She laughed and laughed at seeing a full-grown me (as a girl I hadn’t been much into dress-up doll play and she’s known me since my youth) sitting on the floor surrounded by weee clothing.

Below are dark photos of much of my stash…RIGHT?

And if you’re looking at those groovy blue paisley pants and thinking “Wow”…I’m about to blow your mind. That paisley and the two items under it (psychedelic and anchors)…are…


PANTSUITS! You didn’t think they could get better and yet they did.


the MTM Barbie showing off one of then new dresses

Not everything fits. Alterations are in process. but I’ve spotted some of these on vintage Barbies and Blythes online and pumped my fists shouting “Scooooore”

vintage francie

Whaaaaat? Vintage Francie, Barbie’s mod friend? I know that dress!

Who wore it better?

Another look now in rotation is a jacket I got from my hook-up.


That’s actually the inside. It’s got an extra layer of stiff fabric to give the skirt more shape. It fit the dolls in the arms and shoulders but didn’t close. So I added lace, trim and a closing ribbon…


And Reggie is ready to hit the GothLoli long and she doesn’t get her laces caught in an escalator.

That’s the HAUL!


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