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I am Alice.

Brain: You leave for America on the 16th and you only have one full day off between then and now.  However will you do all the things you need to do?

Also Brain: Why don’t you redecorate your toilet room?

So I did.

Wednesday is usually a day off for me but today I substitute taught a bellydance lesson at a sports gym and then taught a private dance lesson at the studio.

And redid my toilet room.

Why do I say toilet room?

My bathroom here is actually three tiny connected rooms. One is the shower/tub room, one contains the toilet and a shelf for my cleaning supplies, the third is the general sink/mirror and toiletries room.

The room I redid contains a window, a windowsill, a toilet, and a shelf.

8+ years ago when I moved in I made a curtain to hid my cleaning supplies and a toilet paper-roll thingie. A dripping soap dispenser ruined the finish on the windowsill so I added a laminated fabric to that.

Today I re-did all of that for less than 2,000yen (20$usd-ish).

I love making curtains. Ready-to-buy curtains are ugly, expensive, and rarely the right size. My whole apartment is adorable with great curtains. No pictures today because my place is also a mess because I’ve been making stuff instead of cleaning.

Most of the money was spent on fabrics.

Two cut fabrics I bought and pieced together to hide my cleaning supplies.


The toilet paper thingie.



It’s a fairly normal style in Japan. Most toilet roll holders have this over-flap to pull the paper against to ease in separating the segments. This fits over that flap and has space for a spare roll.

I used four different scraps of leftover Alice fabrics and canvas to make it.


I used waterproof wipe-able fabric for the windowsill mat. If you’re thinking that Japan is FULL OF ALICE FABRIC you’d be SO RIGHT.

We’re gonna pretend my stenciled turtle is a mock turtle and just leave it there.


The previous owners left the hooks above the window. At the 100 yen shop I picked up a curtain rod, curtain rings, a frame to hold a postcard my friend gave me (same friend who gifted me the lego Alice), and a tiny saucer to go with the tiny cup (it has a painted bunny design inside it) I’m using for my soap…tea party!

The cactus cup came from work. Someone was throwing out a chipped mug with a cat in a bow-tie on one side and a cat nose-mouth on the other. I re-purposed it for my many cactus. It’s now my Cheshire cat.


I also made the red curtain. I have yet another Alice fabric I could have used but I figured it’d be better to go with some red to tie the red accents together. I have mixed feelings about the mis-matched curtain rings. I think the curtain would probably look better with wide fabric loops so less of the rod shows…but I can do that later after I’ve lived with it a while.

After all, I’m supposed to be wrapping up things before my vacation.



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