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The shelves have eyes.

All my heads have working eye-gimicks.

Heads in progress;

Make-It-Own (MIO) kit Dal in Mocha*.


The kit came with everything. I’m feeling a little conflicted about the eyes I painted.

img_4420On the right eye I think the lighter hue around the iris worked, on the left I think it just looks like a blotchy iris.

I’ll see what it looks like in but I might just swap them for these.



From Chewy Rabbit Shop


The MIO head in progress is above.

Below the MIO is the “THERE WERE DEAD BUGS IN THE HEAD” head. That had the rudimentary eye mech but no working eyelids or blink bars. I finally located a type 2 eye mech with eyelids and blink bars.


Don’t worry, this is earlier in the face-up process. I was just testing parts. I later tested it with eyelids but forgot to take a picture.


I ordered these eyes from Chewy Rabbit on Etsy

Last is Asuka, I’d accidentally first ordered a type 3 eye mech with eyelids and blink bar…so then I just ordered a type 3 head to go with them.


When all my heads and eye-mech were in front of me I took some photos


On the left is the type 2 head. The type 3 is on the right.


On the left is the type 2 mech. The type 3 is on the right.


On the left is the type 2 head. The type 3 is on the right.

Here’s how the eye gimick fits into the skull on a type 3. The process is the same for all heads.


First you place the eyelids in. Yes, only one eyelid has eyelashes right now.


Then you screw the eye mech in place and attach the springs of the eye-lids to it. Tweezer fun.

The two slots below the springs are where the wink bars go. The pink/skin lever is the switch to move the eyes from side to side.

Then you screw the back of the head back on with the wink bar nubs and switch extending out of the holes in the back of the head below the wig.


Now you can close the individual eyelids and shift the gaze from side to side.

Asuka is pretty as is. I might just put her on a body, add a wig, and dress her without redoing her face.

Tomorrow is a day off and I plan to just make stuff.


5 thoughts on “The shelves have eyes.

    • These are not inexpensive dolls, which is probably why I’ve never bought one new. Pullip Dolls new go for 80$-160$ which is why I’m all about “30$ messed up doll with bugs? Yeaaaah!”
      Heck, outfits can go for 60$ at times.
      I have no idea how collectors afford them.

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      • I have porcelain dolls. I’ve collected over the years, ones that had similaries to family members. I haven’t bought any in years. I have an old doll from Germany that got broken, don’t know if it can be fixed. My dolls are about $100 each, I probably have about 15, but stopped buying them once I became self-employed. I couldn’t afford them anymore.

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      • I’d never really collected dolls before getting the Mary Frances book…although for a good number of years I collected female action figures which was probably a gateway hobby.

        Liked by 2 people

      • It is easy to get carried away. The way you are doing it, makes more sense, at least you can do so ething with them, instead of just looking at them. You get to be creative and costs less, someday you will sell them for profit. Some day.

        Liked by 2 people

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