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I’ve never been confused by a wig.

I’ve been confused by people’s choice of wigs, sure, who hasn’t? But to fundamentally not understand a wig’s construction and intent is new to me.

Maybe it’s just the lack of wigs in my life. If I had more connection to wigs, a great number of them interacting with me in my life, perhaps this would have happened earlier.

But it hasn’t.

I don’t cosplay anymore.

I have bland straight Caucasian hair that conforms to eurosectric beauty

dtandards so there’s no pressure on me to process my hair/add hair via wigs/extensions/weaves to hold a job.

I just stare at this mess of a doll wig wondering “why are you what you are?”

I removed the hair wire from the areas it was attached to the wig.

See? It’s now a wig that’s sparse in back and…that thing.

The string/base the hair is attached to seems to have been tightly wound around that…hair wire. That unicorn tail of sadness.

If the wig is to be saved I think this is the key: detach the hair strings from the wire, stitch to wig-cap where hair is sparse.


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