craft, Doll

Prosthetic leg.

After creating a doll hybrid I had leftover parts: two full arms, pelvis, one leg with foot, one footless leg.

I sawed the leg with a foot in two places and smoothed off the cuts.

I think I want to make a prosthetic leg for a Dal or a Pullip…or both.

A Step Ahead is a company that makes arm and leg prosthetics for American Girl dolls. Children deserve to have dolls that reflect who they are.

It’s also possible to order a prosthetic leg extension for 1/6 “Action figures” which I suspect mirrors the reality of men who’ve been in the service because it doesn’t look like the sort of action figures children play with.

And there are some Enchanted Dolls with artificial limbs….but they’re not very accessible.

So I’d like to try my hand at crafting something that can be used for Pullip 1/6 dolls, because there have to be women who would love a doll that reflects their reality on a doll that is highly possible and beautiful.

I need to do some artificial limb searches so I can make something that reflects what limbs look like.


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