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Let the bodies be packed carefully and stored under my bed.

Tuesday after work I went to Akihabara Radio Kaikan to buy some Obitsu bodies.

Akihabara is an environment that makes me itchy and unhappy. I cannot handle the atmosphere of the place . Stores that sell straight-up posable dolls (not Anime figures) are by far more chill than the rest of Akihabara. The most chill location in Akiba is the Owl cafe.

Monomono was missing a foot. I picked up a 23cm body in white to swap her onto. Obitsu bodies have a pathetic lack of skin colors. They come in white-pink and slightly pinker-white.

The 23/21 cm bodies are constructed with a neck-peg that doesn’t work for Dal heads. You have to create a Dal-Obitsu hybrid body of Dal and Obitsu before the head can be swapped . I didn’t realize this and I first tried to create a neck-peg on my new Obitsu body…then I googled.


As you can see, this Dal body has pale slightly yellow undertones that don’t match the pink Obitsu body.

As you can also see, I have little body parts scattered around my apartment. This is why on Valentine’s Day, my day off, I handled my Japanese taxes, booked a flight home for a week, and Frankenstined dolls.

I did try to color the Dal chest slightly to make her chest-to-arm difference less noticeable…but she’s going to avoid strapless and skinny strapped tops.

Here’s where the Dal body attaches to the Obitsu, before I popped the stomach back on. I added some felt to the inside of the chest and pelvis to make the whole body less floppy.

The arms are interchangeable but I’m sticking with the Obitsu arms because they are more pose-able and come with extra hands in different positions.

I replaced Dal’s ragged eyelashes with new ones.

And then installed her head back on and returned the fake-fur wig to her skull. I’m not sold on it but I can always change it later.

Monomono and Julie are not friends.

But Monomono and the Porg are friends.

I also bought a 27 cm slim Orbitsu (with the least amount of bust) for the empty Pullip head that will soon come.

She’s here with an Alice dress I’m working on. The pattern is a bit large on the doll.

The 27cm Obitsu come with neck-pegs that are simple to sand down. After that step you can just put the Pullip heads on them easy peasey. The color difference of the body will probably be negligible.


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