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Baggie of eye parts.

Oh, Pullip dolls. You’re each unique in your own way. I’m learning so much about you.

Like how some information says the old three-part heads (Type 2 heads) are pre-2009…but it’s possible to order eye-gimicks and eyelids from a pre-2009 doll only to find that they are intended for a Type 3 head and DON’T work for what I need.

The difference was subtle enough that I felt crazy for a while.  After trying a few times to install the new eyes I hit Google and squinted at pictures.

My Pullip head, Type 2, on the left. The inside of a type 3 head is on the right. If a doll is photographed with a wig or front the front the difference is impossible to see.

The grooves the eyelids and eye-mech fit into are just a little bit deeper on the right. The eyelids are a liiiitke bit larger for Type 3.

You CAN place the eyelids and eye-mech from 3 into 2 and screw it in…but the eyelids will pop strangely out of the grooves they are supposed to stay cradled in.

I screamed.

I now have set up an alert for the two Yahoo Auction JP sellers who sell Pullip used parts (and I do mean parts: single limbs, torsos…) and now know how they phrase the type differences and what signs to look for if the eyelids don’t specify type.

I then realized I have 2-3 kinds of eye-mech: Type 2 Pullip (without lids and blink bars) Type 3 Pullip (with lids and blink bars) and a set of eyelids and blink bars for Isul, a Pullip type I have nothing else for…and some eye-chips.


I went back to Yahoo auction and bought a blank type 3 head to go with the full eye-gimicks I have….I can always pick up an “Obitsu body” anywhere you find doll crafts in Japan.

asuka I know the head and eyes (the blue ones at the bottom of the bag) will fit because I did my homework and they both belonged to the same release of Pullip doll: Asuka of Evangelion.


Fun fact: I was briefly roommates with and an employee of the dude who translated the first Neon Genisis Evangelion series for ADV? CRAZY FUCKING MAN. C.Ray.ZEEEEEEEE. Batshit insane. 

It’s a three day weekend here so I won’t get the head until next week. I get heads in the mail. I have a baggie full of eye parts. I am single, yes, I am.

In the meantime I have to put my eyelid-less rocker on hold, her face only halfway done…


I’m modifying some 100yen shop “Yuri-chan” shoes that came with a crappy dress.

The white shoes are in transition.

Are those more eye-balls? Does your therapist know?

Those are both good questions. Yes… and if I get more hyper focused on dolls and ignore important stuff I will tell her. I got my Japanese paperwork ready for filing taxes this Wednesday so I think I’m ok.

The eye chips are paint-it yourself and come with the Dal “make-it-your-own” kit.


And last for today: My first doll rescue is mostly wigged and awaits a headband, refurbished shoes, and her gallery opening.



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