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Your Art Gallery Owner

Dal was going to be a butterfly.

I was going to use the few leftover fabrics from my handmade butterfly themed belly dance costume and create an ethereal butterfly girl. It was going to have an embroidered wing-patterned bustie and a wind skirt and sequined fascinator…


If you’re thinking that any of that is store-bought applique or an existing skirt, you’d be wrong. From scratch! I know when I’m good at making something. That’s why dolls are humbling.

The album of making that costume is over here.

That’s simply not where this project went.

Here’s Dal, still without a wig attached, last night. I started by making her a shift dress from a funky Liberty Art fabric scrap. It wasn’t enough so I added a ruffle. The ruffle could be better constructed but it gives the whole dress a different shape that I love.


It’s giving me a funky Art Gallery Woman vibe.  I dipped into my stash of beads and fixings and made her a chunky necklace and two bracelets.


She’s temporarily wearing “Eri’s” shoes. Eri seems to be the Daiso 100yen store knockoff Ricca-chan. The outfit I picked up is too short but will give me scale information. The shoes are generic but I can spray them and detail them a bit. She may also need me to make her stockings and a wide mod headband (or hat) and a great coat or cardigan.

She also needs her wig. I love her bald but she has wigmark craters where her former wig was attached.


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