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When you find yourself Googling “remove doll scalp”…

It’s been a hectic but rewarding few days of teaching (dance and English) and I am on the eve of a day off.

The Dal Doll face is evolving….


I’ve done adjustments on the wig I think I’m going to use, making it slightly smaller and tighter. I have also “washed” the wig.

The Internet has recommended that doll hair and doll wigs are best soaked in a 50/50 solution of fabric softener and water. I never use fabric softener so I purchased the cheapest available and soaked the wig.

Boy-o-boy. That’s a smell that lingers. You don’t rinse it all out. Floral AF.

I found a book of doll patterns and purchased it. Usually I would hunt around a used book store or just nab stuff off the internet, but this was an impulse purchase at a medium-to-small book store. That Japan often has a doll “section” in bookstores (smaller than the model building stuff) and I had multiple choices just shows you..Japan takes the crafting of wee things SERIOUSLY.

doll outfit

Research shows me that the Pullip Dal Doll has a similar doll clothing size as Licca-chan, Japan’s reigning doll champion! This book’s “M” size should fit.


I’m never NOT going to share “Rough Trade Records” “Street Licca”

So tomorrow I relax/ work on choreography/ and continue with dolls: Dal’s face, Archie’s shirt…and my newest rescue doll…which is why I have been Googling about doll skull/skull-type/scalps.


Nope, no doll phrenology. That shit was some scientific racism.

See, I visited DollyTeria in Ikebukuro when I was stressed. I saw a Pullip that I couldn’t forget about. It was naked in a bin and someone had done a poor job sculpting elf-ears onto it. MY KIND OF DOLL.

So later I looked at the web-site they have…and bought it. But I confused it with another doll there and accidently bought the wrong one.

Instead of buying THIS “Byul”


I bought this Pullip


She’s got the same sized head at Dal but a taller and more adult body.


She also has three part head instead of a head that comes apart in two halves.


The scalp looks…like it was handmade poorly and may have pockets of mold. I’ve figured out this is replacable and where to score new skull..thing. There is also yellow discoloration arounf the joined areas as if the glue the hobbiest used wasn’t water soluable white glue. I’ll see if that can be sanded off.

Time to open her up. She SHOULD have little knobs coming out of those larger holes.

Those operate her eyelids. Whoever had this removed her moving eyelids. I’ll see if I can get these parts without replacing the whole eye-mech.


Oh, but what she lacks in eyelids/ moving parts she makes up for in DEAD DESICCATED BUG PARTS.



So, yes, before typing this I washed my hands. Next I’ll wash out that head.

My work is set out for me.

Oh, and her head is a little wobbly but  after all this making her neck join a little tigher will be EASY PEASEY.



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