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Terror Gets a New Pair of Pants.

Well, I couldn’t very well leave Archie pants-less. He’s scary enough. Even with the make-over an apartment guest recoiled slightly at his visage.

After the ass-reduction Archie couldn’t very well wear his old pants.

Also…Archie has some ugly pants.

archie pants

Comics are a hellofa drug.

Trust me, they are a repulsive fabric to behold.

archie pants 2

Fuck the Patriarchy! Not worth fighting over.

But, accurate to the classic look.

archie pants 3

This is just included because I saw it and now want a world where Betty seduces Veronica in Sexy Archie Drag….because that’s EXACTLY what she’s wearing.

There’s NO WAY I was ever going to find orange fabric with a black grid in the right scale. I didn’t like the original fabric enough to alter it either. So what I needed was to find a real-world interpretation of what those pants might be.

I used a Harris tweed with a subtle plaid pattern including flecks of orange. Then I altered the original pants and used them as a pattern. The original pants had pockets but two layers of tweed gets bulky.


I also repainted and scuffed up the shoes..and gave them dark soles.


Cuffs! That inseam could use a pressing.

When the stores reopened here I also hit a “Hobby-off”. Book-Off/ Hard-Off/Hobby-Off are a chain of resale shops selling books & Manga, furniture and home stuff, and geek stuff.

I am now off the Kinder-Egg grid for a Maz Kanata.


There are now Maz busts available online but I don’t want Maz or toys to totally takeover my apt…so I set out to upgrade Maz.


 After (Her base is somewhere, will find when tidying up later)

It’s mostly just messy washes but it gives her a bit more depth. She’s really tiny. I will need even smaller brushes and magnifying visor if I do things on this scale.




2 thoughts on “Terror Gets a New Pair of Pants.

    • If my father and stepmother ever come across one at a Wisconsin St. Vinnies, and it’s disturbing looking, I’m sure it will be sent to Japan where it can terrify a new nation.

      Even with the repaint, friends make an involuntary noise of surprise when they see it.

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