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The Doll Makeover No One Wanted.

Once I learned you could use watercolor pencils to do doll repaints…I had to.

It is time for the Doll Makeover No One Wanted!

You see, my early comics life started with Scrooge McDuck. My father and I would go buy those comics together. When I started buying comics solo (well, spending my allowance down at Mallot’s drug store) I turned to Archies. I know a great deal about Archie. I had QUITE the collection, including vintage Archies and a plastic record of Sugar Sugar.

And, a few years ago, my father and step-mother found Archie and Reggie dolls at St. Vinnies and sent them to me.

Archie and the boys…well..they don’t doll well. They just don’t make the transition smoothly. I don’t have a Jughead…and that might be ok because he is terrifying.


The girls look pretty…coked up.

So my challenge to myself is to try and make Reggie and Archie look less terrifying…even though I DO love to set them up around the apartment to scare people spending the night.




But before the repainting starts I think we have to address what’s going on in Archie’s Trunk. I get that the butt is there for sitting but. Nope. First things first we need dat ass to match the rest of that body. Only then will I start the repainting.


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