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Re-lining a Coat: Part 4

Before I started attaching the lining to the coat I went through the terrifying step of removing the fur and fixtures.


First I removed the neckline fur, using a contrasting thread to mark where I’d be reattaching a hook and loop that close it all


Then I removed the cuffs and used a contrasting thread to indicate where new cuffs should be reattached. You can see it got pretty dusty (the fur had batting under it to give it a little puff) so I first cleaned it up with tape and, once everything was off, I hand washed the jacket and air dried it before attaching the lining.


I also removed the false clasps and did the same cleaning job. Nothing left any lasting mark or tell-tale stain so my options are open for new bling.



Using the fur as a rough guide I cut out a similar shape in batting (I only had iron-on batting) and attached it to black fabric. Then I used that as a guide for cutting the fur leaving about 1/4 an inch around everything.

When cutting the fur you need to make sure the nap of the fur is the right direction. I used a razor blade to cut through the fabric the fur is attached to WITHOUT going deep enough to cut any of the fur in an awkward manner.


Then I stitched the faux stoles.


After the coat had dried, been lightly pressed, lined, and re-pressed, I started attaching the faux-fur. It’s been scary to break down the coat and build it back up.

Oh, and asking friends for an estimate, I’ve had this coat since 1999/2000.


Fake fur involves having a lot of tape and a vacuum on hand.


And now on to the closures.

The stole has a hook and loop. The loop used to be covered but the thread wore away. I recovered it using a blanket stitch with embroidery thread. I accidentally used navy Blue but it’s buried so deep in the fur it’s not visible.

I’m in the process of covering the snaps in black fabric, as the old fabric has faded to reddish-purple.


Tutorial on snap covering.

After I finish the snaps I’ll go on a hunt for new bling. I’m still keeping the old faux-buckles just in case, but If I were to use them I’d have to repaint where the enamel has worn away and restone them.


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