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Stains? Oxy!

My friend, Realafterglow, is coming to Japan for a few weeks again! YAY!

Like any of her trips here she’ll be bringing goodies for those of us in Japan and returning with Japanese goods for friends in the state. For me she’ll be bringing cornbread mix (cornbread isn’t a thing here…at all…there’s something sometimes called corn bread but it’s white buns with chunks of corn in it…SAD) and Oxy-10 or similar zit-cream with benzoyl peroxide in it.

It’s not for me, it’s for my doll.

Snow’s neck was stained by the red ribbon she was packaged with. I always figured I’d get around to it. I started Googling and have learned that all vinyl doll stain removal tips come down to “Get you some zit cream..apply. It takes time.”


Headband Stain

Here is a great page showing the process. It’s not the most informative but it did have photos I desperately wanted to steal because they look like some sort of doll crime CSI scene.

I had some out-of-date Japanese zit cream. It did nothing. I looked up the Japanese needed to make sure my cream had the needed Benzoyl Peroxide (過酸化ベンゾイル)…it did not. I then Google image searched 過酸化ベンゾイル because it’s an easy way to identify what available products have an active ingredient I need before I go to a drug store.

Looks like it doesn’t get used for OTC zit creams here. A few pages I found in Japanese about how to get it without a prescription involved buying from Singapore or other countries.

My friend is bringing gifts for me and Snow White…things people will be confused about WHY she needs to bring it.

And…an image I found while writing one of these posts.


Brother doesn’t understand ALL my needs. I need clarity with my line work and colors.





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