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Alexandre Chbeir, is a man some dancers have gotten to know because he harassed A well know dancer, we’ll call her Rey (because we like Starwars)  via FB messenger. In fact he uses multiple social media sites to harass women. Multitasker!

Here’s the original exchange with REY that brought it to OUR attention. It’s been posted and shared multiple times on FB . It was then removed by FB. FB removed a subsequent post shared by a second dancer (let’s call her A for awesome) saying it “violated FB standards.” That post was SHARED 300+ times before being removed…so it resonated with people.

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All In one place:

The following exchange  went on between him and A after she’d shared Rey’s screenshots. Please note that he frames this all around how it affects him: how he’s the wronged party and women involved are being bitches, Blah Blah Blah. Needless to say, these were posted and deleted by FB as well.

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You might feel sorry for him…I almost did. Then I followed a hunch and did more searches on him. SURPRISE! He does this on twitter and instagram as well! Sometimes he gets his penis involved. His actions HAVE been screenshot and shared before and he ALWAYS acts the same way: begging that things be taken down, saying he’s afraid, and then getting angry if they aren’t.

Then I thought of how many more women must be out there. Women who didn’t take screen shots, who blocked without calling him out on his behavior because they just wanted him to go away. I got angry and started keeping notes.

Here is a harrasment call-out from the last three months. It was public a few hours ago but I guess he got active again and got another site to protect his harassing. Google Cache is my friend. By Alexandre’s thinking, Google Cache is probably a sadistic feminist.


Here’s another woman, @evebatelle being harassed on instagram by him.

Here’s a woman, @mandapandaitis on twitter clapping back about unsolicited dick-pics of him.

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Another instagram user @heartbweeps  Am I even supposed to feel surprised? Here’s a taste


He does like to call women vexing.

Harassing and sending a dick pic to another instagramer @mkkunk!


He then went on to bother @mkkunk’s sister to ask her to make her take it down…with the usual “I’m scared and embarrassed” line but both were “Um…NOPE.”

And I’m sure there are people reading this who thinks this is petty and nothing. It’s not huge but it’s one of those small, VEXING, things women have to deal with. Harassment, escalation of harassment (in this case calls & dick pictures) and then being the recipients of anger. Add to that the fact that this behavior gets a pass on social media and it’s the people being harassed who are silenced when they speak up…EVEN when that speaking up is simply posting the word-for-word photo exchange of what they’ve had to put up with.

No. No more.

“Your Daily Dish” picked up the story on January 13th, 2017. Neither Rey nor A submitted it (nor did I). When your poor behavior gets shared 300+ times because it resonates with people who want this sort of behavior to stop…and gets removed? The internet doesn’t forget. Who knows who shared it? The Dish didn’t name names.

The Cheezeburger quickly posted the screen shots with the title “Crazy insecure dude messages girl demanding to know if he’s attracting, things spiral” and left his name intact.

I wish I could say and then he shut up…but he didn’t.






27 thoughts on “Chebeir

  1. Shae says:

    I just got it today too. Then he went to @onlinedating_sucks and started ranting about me and apparently everyone else because all the messages look just alike.


  2. Anonymous says:

    He’s at it again! We wouldn’t have known until he came into my account @onlinedating_sucks on Instagram to complain that another woman like me messed up his chance to be with a woman that he’d been in love with for years by “outing” him! I would love to somehow figure out a way to get more coverage of this guy because he somehow doesn’t learn


  3. Norma Beckett says:

    He has been harassing our daughter too and sending unsolicited explicit pictures. Do the police have any concern about men like this? It is illegal to send nude photos.


    • He lives in Canada so I’m not sure if local police can do anything but it’s worth looking into…I’m unsure if your daughter is underage because that would probably make it a higher offense.


      • Anonymous says:

        I along with other users got his Instagram taken down, so for now he will not be a problem there. I would try to report him to local police and Facebook as well but I believe in the past they (Facebook) have done nothing to help. They seem to be unconcerned with the harassment. You can message me or contact me on Instagram @onlinedating_sucks I’m keeping track of everyone he contacts/has contacted.


      • Wiley says:

        No big surprise, this guy is a serial sexual harasser, and is harassing friends of mine. How do you know he is in Canada? I take it Chbeir is not his real name.


      • Amber DeSadier says:

        Please please please go to the police! This guy will not stop until someone goes to the police for harassment. There is obviously a long list of women who could testify to this being his norm.


  4. Hey just started harassing me this past month and I took screenshots if you would like them for this story. I’m so pissed Facebook won’t do ANYTHING about this POS. Thank you for posting this and keeping us safe!

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  5. Tonee says:

    This guy is a fucking scum bag loser. He has major league embarrassed himself and men in general. Ladies, no one should talk to you like this, or to anyone like this. There has to be some sort of chemical imbalance or a few dents in his skull. If there are no dents… there needs to be. ALWAYS expose this behaviour. I feel sorry for any girls that have been messaged in any manor along these lines, the best choice is don’t message anyone you haven’t met or don’t know in real life or person or whatever…. you never know who is on the other side of that screen..


    • hes with clan ac on his bestfriend is someone who goes by the names zimzz/rapist on they don’t do anything about it either just like facebook.


    • He often targets women who model
      or perform dance. Part of business requires that they can’t just screen out everyone. Networking doesn’t work well if they do.

      The best course is to make sure men who harass face consequences so that woman can continue to run their businesses and life’s without running away.


    • I’ve always maintained that when women stop reporting the ways he’s harassed them…when that goes away…this will fade.

      So, it’s in his court. He stops doing this to multiple women over many platforms and shows himself to be better…it’ll fade away.

      But each time another women to find her way here because he’s harassed them…well, it’ll take longer.

      He’s a Forrest fire that only he can prevent. He stops, this stops.


  6. I think this guy goes by a lot of different names on, he been harassing me since I was 15 on he repeats himself non stop, nothing new, nothing funny, just hurtful stuff. he’s brain dead and likes to argue online. to bad he hides there 2


  7. Has anyone gone to the police? This is actual criminal harassment. Facebook won’t do shit because they don’t actually care about women’s safety, just censoring their bodies.


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  9. Dog Williams says:

    How convenient that only after every account of this alleged person is deleted that this supposed story gets spammed across Facebook.


    • What you’re seeing now is a second wave of the post going viral.

      The first time it went viral I started recording friends of mine getting fallout . He was still using multiple accounts on FB then but had been blocked from Instagram.

      I assume people using his Twitter to contact and I fort his family is part of why he left there.

      This zombie resurgence of the article is months and months past the original time it occurred.

      I haven’t taken anything down because I continue to get messages from women he’s bothered prior to the article and since. About once a month someone tells me another story or thanks me for keeping this up.

      I’ve always said…if the stories of him harassing women stop and not a whisper is heard, I’ll let this quietly fold away.

      I don’t update, just keep track right now.


  10. Tahiti says:

    I went to high school with this guy ! He lives in Canada. He’s not mentally challenged in any way. He was quit smart actually. He does however seem to have deep psychological issues.


  11. Holly says:

    Honestly, they should’ve put the exchange up with his name and profile pic blocked out. It wouldn’t have changed the message of what women have to deal with. Leaving it in sends a different message. What he did was wrong, very wrong. But THIS isn’t right either. The reason the posts are deleted are because they aren’t censored. He still would’ve known it was his messages up there, and may have been more likely to apologize. Him asking to be censored or, if it isn’t, have it deleted, is a reasonable request.


  12. Dsa Jiop says:

    News about the harasser by the name of Alexandre Chbeir. His real name is Alexandre Chebeir. He lives in Gatineau, Québec, Canada. He has been brought to justice. He pleated guilty to charges of online harassment and will be sentenced in court March 15.

    The complete information about the case is in French in an article from the daily newspaper Le Devoir from Montreal. The article is titled “Cyberharcèlement – Des femmes obtiennent justice” by Lisa-Marie Gervais, published Friday March 9, 2018.

    Here’s a short passage from the article describing the case in French:

    “Le 23 juillet 2016, Sandrine Ricci s’aperçoit que la page Facebook du Réseau québécois d’études féministes (RéQEF) qu’elle coordonne est la cible d’un harceleur qui publie sous un faux profil Facebook près de 20 liens vers des photos de Marc Lépine et des «#JeSuisMarc ». Prise de peur, elle en parle aux administratrices du groupe et porte plainte à la police dès le lendemain. L’enquête s’enclenche. Peu de temps après, une autre plainte envers le même agresseur est déposée par l’administratrice du groupe Facebook de la campagne « Sans oui, c’est non ! », contre les agressions sexuelles sur les campus.”

    “Un an plus tard, le 12 septembre 2017, Alexandre Chebeir, un résidant de Gatineau, a plaidé coupable à des accusations de harcèlement criminel dans les deux cas. Atteint de troubles de santé mentale, l’homme n’a pas d’antécédents judiciaires. Dans l’attente de sa sentence, l’agresseur a été à nouveau arrêté en février pour avoir tenu des propos haineux envers une femme sur Internet.”

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